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JP-S6428579-A: Earthquake observing apparatus patent, JP-S6432702-A: Antenna system for vehicle patent, JP-S6434859-A: Method of automatically attaching double sling and device therefor patent, JP-S6439477-A: Flowing water preventive device to building patent, JP-S6439698-A: Shift circuit patent, JP-S6439774-A: Manufacture of field-effect transistor patent, JP-S6445089-A: Discharge lamp lighting circuit patent, JP-S644759-A: Electrostatic copying machine patent, JP-S6456239-A: Virtual image displaying means integrally incorporated with mirror patent, JP-S6460219-A: Protective apparatus of cable end patent, JP-S6462945-A: Tone dialer having holding tone generating function patent, JP-S6468435-A: Titania fiber reinforced laminated metallic material patent, JP-S6472298-A: Transaction data processor patent, JP-S647839-A: Answering machine patent, JP-S6479847-A: Non-volatile memory control system patent, JP-S6487094-A: Laser beam machine patent, JP-S649145-A: Heat resistant structure of neck part of synthetic resin container patent, KR-20090073006-A: Optical film patent, KR-20100084637-A: Device for controlling a multiple spark operation of an internal combustion engine, and related method patent, KR-20100133369-A: Improved hydrogenation process patent, KR-20110034293-A: Apparatus and method for adjusting focus of monitoring camera patent, KR-20110038678-A: 피리피로펜 a 생합성 유전자 patent, KR-20110042036-A: Scratch-resistanat moulded article made from a filled polypropylene composition patent, KR-20110048628-A: 집약적 배치구조를 갖는 이너젠 시스템 patent, KR-20110062150-A: Apparatus and method for tranmitting/receiving transport stream in a digital brodcasting system patent, KR-20120012459-A: Two-mirror scanning system patent, KR-20120099233-A: 차양장치 patent, KR-20140017648-A: Process and apparatus for hydroprocessing hydrocarbons patent, KR-20140035479-A: A scheduling concept patent, KR-20140048372-A: Hybrid type battery module cover for electric vehicle and method for manufacturing thereof using insert molding patent, KR-20140053293-A: 크라우드소싱된 비디오 렌더링 시스템 patent, KR-20140102245-A: Improved robustness of coke burning from catalyst for light paraffin dehydrogenation process patent, KR-20140108059-A: Display Device and Method for touch sencing of the same patent, KR-20150028069-A: System and method for having algorithm of malfunction prevention patent, KR-20150115462-A: Plant Cultivation System patent, KR-20150143711-A: 화상 처리 장치 및 화상 처리 방법 patent, KR-20160003323-A: Adjustment of write timing in a memory device patent, KR-20160005768-A: Varnish impregnation device and varnish impregnation method patent, KR-20160008044-A: 온도센서 및 습도센서 일체형 카메라 장치 및 이를 이용한 시설물 관리 시스템 patent, KR-20160010369-A: Operation Method of Engine for a Ship patent, KR-20160010488-A: Charge-transporting varnish patent, KR-20160045386-A: Method for generating multi card, method for using multi card and multi card system patent, KR-20160062486-A: 차량용 램프의 습기 제거장치 patent, KR-20160068011-A: 단상 인버터를 이용한 브러시리스 모터 구동 장치 patent, KR-20160080005-A: 인체의 건강상태 측정장치 patent, KR-20160080732-A: Filter seal assembly for rod guide of shock absorber patent, KR-20160094638-A: 분리 영역이 형성된 남성용 팬티 patent, KR-20160102800-A: NOx reduction devices for a ship patent, KR-20160108323-A: Absorptive article patent, KR-20160116094-A: 오일 보충 및 교환 시기 알림 기능을 갖는 진공 모터 모니터링 장치 patent, KR-20160119158-A: 기록 장치 및 기록 장치의 세정 방법 patent, KR-20160122426-A: Slide valve lift device for the booster pump patent, KR-20160132042-A: Resistive composition patent, KR-20160133084-A: 초음파 센서를 이용한 정밀 풍향풍속 관측 장치 및 그 운용방법 patent, KR-20160137774-A: 고소 작업차량의 굴절장치 patent, KR-20170002047-A: Purification system for potable water and ultra pure water patent, KR-20170003827-A: Apparatus for cable winding and transfering carrier having the same patent, KR-20170004516-A: Phosphorescent modulation with ultraviolet light emitting diode lamp and luminous assembly using the phosphorescent modulation patent, KR-20170014692-A: Fastener for deck material patent, KR-20170017333-A: 업소용 가스레인지의 버너헤드 patent, KR-20170027423-A: 유해 곤충퇴치기 patent, KR-20170030731-A: Tactile sensor patent, NL-2016376-A: Devices, Methods, and Graphical User Interfaces for Interacting with a Control Object While Dragging Another Object. patent, NL-9400801-A: Voor gebruik in koel- en opslagruimten bestemd rek. patent, NL-2004663-C: Kleminrichting voor een langs een muur te bevestigen langwerpig profiel. patent, RU-1586177-C: Способ получения биомассы дрожжей patent, RU-967067-C: Composition for aerosol spraying patent, JP-3014430-U: 鏡装置付き家具 patent, JP-3019872-U: 転車台 patent, JP-H01106923-U: patent, JP-H01118173-U: patent, JP-H01124676-U: patent, JP-H01127786-U: patent, JP-H01128571-U: patent, JP-H01130842-U: patent, JP-H01136256-U: patent, JP-H01142611-U: patent, JP-H01144778-U: patent, JP-H01144808-U: patent, JP-H01145426-U: patent, JP-H01149563-U: patent, JP-H01154863-U: patent, JP-H01158893-U: patent, JP-H01164071-U: patent, JP-H01165177-U: patent, JP-H01169820-U: patent, JP-H01173714-U: patent, JP-H02103001-U: patent, JP-H02104382-U: patent, JP-H02110919-U: patent, JP-H02111553-U: patent, JP-H02116489-U: patent, JP-H0211899-U: patent, JP-H02123814-U: patent, JP-H02124179-U: patent, JP-H02127499-U: patent, JP-H02133495-U: patent, JP-H02135273-U: patent, JP-H02144086-U: patent, JP-H02144199-U: patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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